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How does one show emotions when one does not feel them?
What is one meant to do when one has thrown away emotions in order to survive?
The world has changed; emotions are good again but how long will that last?
Grow them back, feel all at once then have to throw them away again
Over and over this painful ripping and regrowing process happens taking important parts away each time
75, 50, 25, down to last 5% of soul, what will happen when it is down to 0?
Death is knocking at the door already; everyday it gets more impatient
The angel of life is packing up, down with the roller-coaster it has been put on for some stupid child that doesn’t even wish to live
“You are on you own now child, make you choice soon”
“But I can’t do this myself, please help me, please!!!”
No one will save you, no one will pull you out of the pit of darkness
Give up or pull yourself out, don’t wait for prince charming, he went after someone easier to save
Life is a bitch,
:iconldsdog:ldsdog 0 0
Only few days in and the stress is intense
You say you wish to hlep me grow
That you know I cn't go forward without your help
But then you demand things from me I don't have
Things you know I don't have
So when I am done I owe you more then what I could ever give
Stress and hate and anxity take over my life
The need to run away and cry or hurt consumes me
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You are told that there are only two sides in life, Light and Dark
The Light is where we should be, the Dark is for evil and hopeless people
But that is not all true, evil is in the Light and hope is in the Dark
These people are living in the Gray, it is not a place most go to
It is a temporary place, a stepping stone from one side to the other
But what if it became more than that, how messed up would the world be?
If this Gray stopped the battle of Light and Dark, would there be Utopia?
Could we have less hate if the Gray became more than a stepping stone?
:iconldsdog:ldsdog 0 0
Painful Love
I lie to you to keep you
My life is fine, there is nothing wrong
But you only stay when I am in pain
What else am I to do?
To get you to want to be with me
Once we were almost
But you awoke from the sleep I put you understand
You released how wrong it would be
To be with me
Now you are in love with another
Even after it ended you still wanted them
I am just as amazing
You tell me I am
Or were you pitting me again?
I am just a child
What would I know of love?
But this feeling I have is so very close
It eats at me daily
Will you come and save me?
Or will you let me down
And show me that I really am pathetic?
:iconldsdog:ldsdog 1 1
Feelings have no use for me. Why try to feel love when I end up feeling anger? Why try to be happy when sadness won't leave? Here is no point to do any of this. If I had no feelings then I could live my life without ever getting hurt. Happiness would not come to me anyway so it will not be missed by me. I can not love myself so no on will love me, anger causes pain, sadness leaves you lonely. So what is the point just end it now....
That's it! End it now, stop all the pain in just a quick shot or slice! Everything will be alright if I could just end it....end me. Everything and everyone will be better.
:iconldsdog:ldsdog 1 2
Depressing smile
Emptiness grows each day
Happiness lessens each minute
Wakening to feel alone
Sleeping to feel loved
Wondering when the end is
Knowing the beginning hasn't started
Looking in the mirror at an ugly girl
Wishing to be pretty
Faking smiles
Hiding frowns
To weak to cut
To strong for help
Wanting friends
Afraid of others
Hoping for love
Hating all I see
Holding all feelings inside
Breaking apart
:iconldsdog:ldsdog 1 1
Waiting For The Day Of Saving
My heart beats fast
But each day it slows
Pain grows more common
It's hard to smile knowing what is happening inside
My mask cracks little by little
But never breaks, for then people would know the truth
No one will ever be the wiser to the pain
Keep faking until the day the hero comes
Hope fading under the sorrow
Lies of Friendship come from within the darkness
Heart beat slows until the darkness takes over
Nothing left but a dead body with a cracked smiling mask
No one would ever know the truth for the mask was too perfect
:iconldsdog:ldsdog 3 3
Is good really good
Why is it that I can not find lasting happiness?
I do good and am kind
Yet people do not seem to like this
Should I become mean than?
Should I treat people like dirt so that I can get lots of friends?
How could it be that mean people can more friends than I can?
I guess I am to be forever alone
:iconldsdog:ldsdog 2 7
Low Self-Esteem
"You're so beautiful"
They all say
But how can they see me that way
"You're so skinny"
But don't they see others around me
I am no one's cup of tea
"You're so amazing"
Why do you they lie
I not someone to buy
"You will make someone really happy someday"
That's not true
No one wants me, not even you
:iconldsdog:ldsdog 6 4
Crying over love
Sitting behind you as you talk to your friends
Thinking about what you had said
Wishing so much to know why not
I was not all that you sought
Now I question all that I do
Because I wish to be with you
But I know I will never be
Cause you don't love me
:iconldsdog:ldsdog 7 1
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What do you do when everything keeps falling apart? How do you keep yourself going forward when the ground will give out from under you no matter where you stand? I got kicked out of church college, have no clue what career I want, tried to join the military only to have them tell me they don't want someone with depression. That leaves me with no idea how to make it in this incressingly hard world. My family tells to be an adult but doesn't help me figure out how to do that, they just want me to figure things out but I have never imagined a future for myself. Most people can picture where they want to be down the road or even see themselves working at their dream job. I can't. I have never been able to picture my future or had any idea where I am going to end up. Jokingly I said to my friend once " I think God hadn't finished making my path in life before I was born on Earth." It kind of makes me feel a little better to think that it's not fully my fault for having no clue what to purse in life but really that is a sad and stupid thing to do. It is my fault that I don't have a plan or really a future. I should have spent more time while younger to figure this out instead of trying to figure out why my family is broken or trying to make myself happy by watching pointless and stupid vidoes. It's my fault that everyone in my family thinks that I am not cable of handling the world or being an adult. I am the reason that I feel like I'm choking in this depressing house filled with no love or connection. If I had tried harder to be an adult while I was younger then I would be in college and working towards a career; I would have friends and being dating instead of running away from people and hoping the pain would end soon enough because I have become a waste of space. How do you fix yourself when everytime you pick up the broken pieces you cut yourself deeper?


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